Stainless Steel Fountain – Getting Started

What to do first?

Before assembling the Stainless Steel Fountain, please make sure to disassemble and rinse the pump. Also, thoroughly rinse the filter that is included in the packaging to prevent it from floating.

How do I (dis)assemble my Stainless Steel Fountain?

Read the instruction manual that was included with your cat fountain or download the instruction manual here.

How do I clean my Stainless Steel Fountain?

Clean at least once a week to prevent pesky chalk stains and corrosion from forming. The metal top part of the stainless steel cat fountain is dishwasher safe. Clean the rest of the fountain with a soft sponge, using a non-abrasive cleaning agent that’s safe for your cat.

How do I clean the Stainless Steel Fountain pump?

The pump should be removed from the fountain and disassembled for cleaning on a biweekly basis. For instructions, watch the video above. Rinse each part separately with water before reassembling.

Which replacement filters do I need?

The Stainless Steel Fountain should be used with the Dual-Action Filters.

The Catit Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain can be used with the following accessories:

Combine the Catit Stainless Steel Fountain with the Catit Placemats to keep your floor or countertop nice and dry.

Use the Catit Stainless Steel Fountain with the Catit Fountain Cleaning Set for maintenance. The hard bristle brush has a small tip for accessing small areas while the flower-shaped cleaning sponge has various textures for optimal cleaning.

The information I’m looking for is not on this page. What do I do now?

Visit the Stainless Steel Fountain troubleshooting page, or contact our customer service.