Magic Blue – Getting Started

Does Magic Blue really work?

That’s a good question! In truth, we were equally hesitant when we started testing the first lab samples. As it’s not possible to remove every single type of odor, our R&D department geared the pads towards ammonia reduction, which is the most pungent and harmful gas in cat urine. We performed a few simple tests of our own, with exciting results: significant odor reduction and an amazing absorptive capacity for ammonia!

I installed Magic Blue, but the litter box still smells?

Magic Blue is most effective in hooded litter boxes, combined with sensible litter box hygiene. In short, you will get better results if you scoop and clean the litter box on a regular basis. And when you find the foul odors still persist, you may want to try changing your cat’s diet, because what goes in will naturally affect what comes out. You could even try replacing the litter box altogether, as the plastic tends to absorb foul odors over time.

I have always used deodorizers and my cat never once complained. Why change now?
While chemical deodorizers are often part of our own toilet hygiene, we can’t push our habits onto our pet cats. Cats often suffer the consequences of frequent, direct exposure to these chemicals, which are extremely toxic and hazardous to their health. It sticks to their fur and paws and even becomes ingested during daily grooming. Symptoms range from facial tics to cancerous growths and can be fatal. Luckily the solution is simple: don’t use chemicals. Your cat’s litter box will be a safer and healthier environment for it.

How does Magic Blue work?

It’s simple: by developing a unique procedure, we created Magic Blue – a type of sponge with microscopic pores that are perfectly sized for ammonia absorption. This material is extremely effective in absorbing and retaining ammonia and other foul litter box odors, with results from 30% to 80% reduction depending on the odor makeup.

Sounds good, but do you have proof?

To be absolutely sure that Magic Blue really works, we sent the product to an independent laboratory for meticulous testing, the results of which are mentioned above. But you don’t have to take our word for it! If you want to test Magic Blue for yourself, you can do so easily with this DIY test.

I noticed the smell slowly returning. Why is that?

Not to worry, this simply means the Magic Blue filter pads need replacing. The pads will keep on absorbing ammonia and foul odors until they’re fully saturated and have reached their limit. In general, two pads are effective for 1 month, but may last less long if your cat is on a specific diet or makes excessive use of the litter box. Simply insert two new Magic Blue pads into the cartridge and you’re all set.

Will Magic Blue remove all of the odors?

Magic Blue is a soft odor reducing filter that improves the air quality without adding forced chemical scents. As such, it may not take away all of the smell, especially not at once. Instead, Magic Blue absorbs and neutralizes hazardous ammonia gases, cancelling out the most pungent of litter box odors.

How can I recycle the used pads?

Used Magic Blue filter pads are much easier to discard than plastic filters or spray cans. Simply discard the pads in the bin. The plastic cartridge can be cleaned and reused over and over again to minimize waste.