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Introducing our new premium cat food

Made with insect proteins, it’s easily digestible and nutritious.

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Catit Nuna was developed out of our love for the planet and the belief that everyday products can have a positive impact on our earth.

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The alternative protein

We’re serious about staying sustainable while giving your kitty the nutrients they need. That’s why we use protein-dense insect larvae, ground into a fine powder.

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Nutritious & delicious

We take pride in the curated blend of superfoods we use to provide the purrfect mix of nutrients and flavour needed for a happy and healthy cat. 

Eco-friendly & focused

Sustainably sourced fish

Studies have shown that the world’s oceans could be virtually emptied of fish in 30 years’ time. 

To help preserve the ecosystems of the sea, our Catit Nuna recipes only use sustainably-sourced, MSC-certified Atlantic Herring.

Ground whole-insects

Our grubs are true masters at recycling – they only feed on unconsumed human-grade fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. 

This saves tons of natural resources that would go into animal feed, including land and water!

Catit Nuna helps save the planet

Per bag (5kg) of Catit Nuna, you save*:

Saving Water Bath
3,398L water

That’s enough water to run yourself about 35 relaxing baths!

Saving Co2 Smartphone
100kg CO2

That is like fully charging your smartphone 15 times!

* In comparison to an equivalent beef-based cat food

Chock-full of goodness

Keeps them healthy and happy

Our mix of premium ingredients helps to promote heart health, protects muscles and bones, and gives your cat a healthy coat and skin.

Catit Nuna isn’t just cat food, it’s super cat food

It’s packed with nutrients, including protein, vitamins, omega 6, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and minerals, to give your cat a complete meal filled with nutrients to keep them feeling strong.

Health from the inside out

Essential for eyes & heart

Catit Nuna includes taurine, an amino acid that supports cats’ vision and heart muscle function.

Healthy skin and coat

Improved skin & coat, and reduced inflammation thanks to Omegas 3 & 6 and the vitamins found in yeast.

Promotes heart health

Our recipes include fibre-packed lentils, and added vitamins and minerals, to help keep your cat’s heart healthy.

Helps protect muscles and bones

Catit Nuna recipes help support your cat’s active life.

Contributes to graceful aging

Catit Nuna contains millet, a gluten-free grain with lower glycemic index and lots of fibre, and flaxseed to keep your cat full and satisfied for longer.

Optimal digestion

Locally sourced peas, lentils, and seeds are blended into a balanced, gluten-free mixture of fibres.

Two nutritious & delicious flavours

Frequently asked questions

About Catit Nuna Insects

Does Catit Nuna include whole insects? And will I find insects in my bag of kibble?

We use whole grubs to guarantee your cat is getting the complete nutritional package, as each grub is simply bursting with protein, vitamins, omega 6, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and minerals. However, our grubs are carefully dried and ground into a fine nutritious flour before being mixed into our recipe. This means that Catit Nuna looks just like regular kibble, with the power of whole grubs inside! So you will never find a single insect inside the bag.

How are the insects farmed?

The insect facility incorporates sustainable, vertical farming techniques to maximise the amount of nutrients produced in one space. This leaves more arable land to grow food for people. Additionally, no water is required, as all the water the insects need comes from the recycled fruits and vegetables in their diet.

The insects are sustainably produced, but what about the food they eat?

Over 30% of the world’s food production is wasted, mostly sent to landfills creating toxic greenhouse gases that are harmful to our environment. Hermetia Illucens larvae provide a valuable solution to this global problem, as they naturally upcycle nutrients from organic matter. The insect facility uses traceable, recycled food including fruits, vegetables and cereals to feed the insects. This environmentally responsible approach reduces the volume in landfills, while delivering high-quality nutrients for Catit Nuna.

Flies are known to carry diseases, should I be worried?

There is absolutely no need to worry! Our grubs are sustainably raised in Canada, the USA and Europe, under clean and controlled circumstances. And though we only use Hermetia Illucens larvae, even the adult flies are unable to transmit disease, as they have no oral cavity! The adults survive solely on reserves that they built up in earlier stages, and can only absorb water and nectar with their mouthparts. In conclusion, Catit Nuna grubs are super clean and not at all a vector for disease.


How much Catit Nuna should I feed my cat? And how often?

Catit Nuna can be fed as a complete diet, mixed in with another diet for added quality and taste, or given as a daily treat.

Can I use Catit Nuna as treats?

Absolutely! Cats love Catit Nuna as their main diet or as a healthy and high-protein treat.

Is Catit Nuna suited for kittens and senior cats?

Yes. Kittens can start to enjoy Catit Nuna from 1 month on.

Can I mix Catit Nuna with other cat food?

Of course! We also recommend mixing Catit Nuna in with your cat’s current food in increasing amounts if you wish to transition to Catit Nuna as an exclusive diet.

Do I need to feed my cat wet food in addition to Catit Nuna?

When fed as an exclusive diet, Catit Nuna is a complete dry food that does not need to be complimented with wet food. Please make sure that your cat has access to fresh, clean water at all times.

About Catit Nuna Food

Why choose low-carb cat food like Catit Nuna?

Diets that include large amounts of grain, rice and corn tend to be high in carbohydrates. Cats are obligate carnivores, and high levels of carbs can cause surges in blood sugar, which may lead to hyperactivity and weight gain. Large amounts of carbs also cause stress to the liver and kidneys, and could lead to sensitivities and even allergies. Catit Nuna is low-carb since it is completely free of wheat, soy and corn. Instead, we use legumes, seeds, and millet. Catit Nuna is high in protein to help keep your cat in shape.

Why is protein so important in cat food?

Cats are obligate carnivores that physically need protein to stay happy and healthy. Their bodies break down protein into amino acids, which is needed to build muscle cells and enzymes. Catit Nuna includes high-quality and easily digestible whole insect protein and hydrolysed yeast protein, topped with a small amount of animal protein – so your cat gets all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Catit Nuna includes millet. What is that exactly?

Millet is an ancient, gluten-free grain that is lower in carbohydrates and higher in proteins and fiber than other grains commonly used in pet food, such as wheat or corn. Millet has a low glycemic index, so it helps stabilise your cat’s blood sugar level and makes them feel satiated for longer. Due to millet’s high antioxidant content, it is also a true superfood for your cat.

Is Catit Nuna more easily digestible than other kibble, and how can I tell the difference in my cat?

Inferior cat food includes large amounts of grain, rice and corn, which are all very hard for cats to digest and metabolise as those ingredients contain tons of carbohydrates. This can cause flatulence, bloating and diarrhea in cats. As we care a lot for your cat’s wellbeing, Catit Nuna is 100% free of corn, wheat and rice. Our mission is to keep your cat happy and healthy, which can only be achieved with the very best ingredients.

What is yeast, and why is it so special?

Yeasts are microorganisms, naturally rich in protein and fibers, that have been used in food processing for centuries (beer, bread, etc.). Hydrolysing yeast boosts all natural benefits by making the yeast more easily digestible. Hydrolysed yeast protein has an amino acid profile similar to that of common animal protein, plus a better palatability and digestibility than meat proteins. In addition, it acidifies cat urine, which could help prevent urinary tract problems in your cat.

What is taurine?

Taurine is a vital component in cat food. This amino acid is being viewed more and more as essential for your cat’s vision, digestion, heart muscle function, and to maintain a healthy immune system. While most mammals are able to physically manufacture enough taurine inside their body to meet their needs, cats have a limited ability to do so. This means taurine absolutely must be included in their diet. Each Catit Nuna recipe contains a balanced amount of taurine, for your cat’s well-being and longevity.

What is meant by “Catit Nuna doesn’t contain any cheap fillers”?

With cheap fillers, we mean ingredients that have little to no functional value to cats, that are added to some cat foods to give it more volume and cut the overall cost of the food. All ingredients in Catit Nuna contribute to your cat’s health and well-being.

Catit Nuna supports healthy skin and coat, with reduced inflammation. What exactly do you mean by inflammation?

Inflammation is your body’s protective response to harmful stimuli like injury, infection or other irritants. Sometimes, inflammation can become chronic, resulting in painful conditions. The most common types of chronic inflammation in cats are inflammatory bowel disease (diarrhea and vomiting), dermatomyositis (skin and coat), and arthritis (joints). Catit Nuna contains specific omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, to reduce the risk and intensity of chronic inflammation.

Is Catit Nuna approved by pet food nutritionists?

Absolutely! The composition of Catit Nuna was determined with great care by specialised cat nutritionists.

Is Catit Nuna suited for cats with allergies, diabetes, or urinary tract problems?

If your cat has a medical condition, always consult your veterinarian or cat nutritionist before changing their diet, to ensure that you make the best choice for your cat.