• Vesper Cabana, Cottage & Condo – No Tools Required!

    Let your cat relax to the max in our stylish Vesper lounge furniture! This furniture is easy to install without using any tools whatsoever, based on building techniques used for centuries in houses and log cabins. The result are comfortable and sturdy cat loungers that fit perfectly into any interior. Which piece of furniture is the [...] Continue Reading
  • Why do cats sleep so much Why do cats sleep so much?

    Why do cats sleep so much? Cats are curious creatures. They sleep for an average of 15 hours a day. Older cats can even sleep for up to 20 hours a day! This makes you wonder: why do cats sleep so much? Active in the dark Cats are crepuscular animals. This means that they are [...] Continue Reading
  • cat looking at scratched furniture 5 Ways to prevent your furniture from getting scratched

    Get your cat a vertical scratcher Some cats just love to stretch their entire body when scratching. For these cats, a tall vertical scratching surface is a must. The Vesper High Base and Vesper Box Large have an extra-long scratching pole while the Vesper Cubo Tower comes with a long and durable scratching mat attached [...] Continue Reading