• Tabby kitten licking a frozen Catit Creamy Keep your cat cool during summer

    Looking for ways to keep your cat cool? While we can strip down to shorts and a tank top during the hot summer weather, our beloved felines have a warm, furry coat that they must wear all year ‘round. This can become a health issue in warm weather. Here are a few tips and tricks [...] Continue Reading
  • Help & Advice - Care Help, my cat is shedding!

    Help, my cat is shedding! Brace yourself: shedding season is coming! Soon, your home will be covered in cat hair as your cat exchanges its thick winter fur for a new, lighter coat. Keep on reading to find out why cats shed and what you can do to avoid having cat hair all over your [...] Continue Reading
  • White cat being groomed When to use which tool

    When to use which grooming tool? The Catit grooming kits offer a great diversity of brushes and tools that you need to take care of your beloved cat’s coat. It is however important to know how to use these. In this article, you can find a ton of information on why, when, where, and how to [...] Continue Reading
  • Black shorthair cat being groomed by rubber groomer Tips and tricks for coat care

    Taking care of your cat’s coat can be tricky. Luckily, we did not only develop two Catit grooming kits which include all the tools you need, we also wrote this blog to help you get started. Keep dust bunnies out of your house Shedding is a natural process and there is little you can do […]

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  • White haired cat looking at the camera Which kit for my cat

    Cats are some of the most regal animals around. To keep their shiny coats in tip-top shape, Catit developed two Catit Grooming Kits - one for longhaired and one for shorthaired cats. The tools in these grooming kits were rigorously tested and carefully selected by professional breeders to guarantee comfort and quality. Add to Wishlist [...] Continue Reading